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Step into (함수 진입) : F7
Animate into (entering functions) : Ctrl+F7
Step over (executing function calls at once) : F8
Animate over (executing function calls at once) : Ctrl+F8
실행 : F9
Pass exception to standard handler and run : Shift+F9
Execute till return : Ctrl+F9
Execute till user code : Alt+F9
Trace into : Ctrl+F11
Pause : F12
Trace over : Ctrl+F12

Set condition to pause Run trace : Ctrl+T

Toggle breakpoint : F2
Set conditional breakpoint : Shift+F2

Run to selection : F4
Analyse code : Ctrl+A

Origin : Asterisk (*)
Follow jump or call : Enter
Go to next location/next run trace item : Plus (+)
Go to previous location/previous run trace item : Minus (-)
Assemble : Space ( )
Add label : Colon (:)
Add comment : Semicolon (;)
디스어셈블 위치 지정 : ctrl+위, 아래 화살표키

Go to previous reference : Alt+F7
Go to next reference : Alt+F8

Start binary search : Ctrl+B
Copy selection to clipboard : Ctrl+C
Edit selection in binary format : Ctrl+E
Search for a command : Ctrl+F
Follow expression : Ctrl+G
Show list of jumps to selected line : Ctrl+J
View call tree : Ctrl+K
Repeat last search : Ctrl+L
Open list of labels (names) : Ctrl+N
Scan object files : Ctrl+O
Find references to selected command : Ctrl+R
Search for a sequence of commands : Ctrl+S

Open Breakpoints window : Alt+B
Open CPU window : Alt+C
Open Modules window : Alt+E
Open Log window : Alt+L
Open Memory window : Alt+M
Open Options dialog : Alt+O

프로그램 재실행 : Ctrl+F2
프로그램 닫기 : Alt+F2
새 프로그램 열기 : F3

활성화 되어 있는 윈도우 최대화, 혹은 원복 : F5
olly 디버거 윈도우를 항상 위로 : Alt+F5

Close OllyDbg : Alt+X


origin: http://slypuma.tistory.com/231

올리디버거(OllyDebugger) 단축키

Quick start - version 1.10

Read this for quick start. Consult help file for details and more features.

Installation is not necessary. Create new directory and unpack odbg110.zip - now you can start!

Pop-up menus display only items that apply. Frequently used menu functions: 

FunctionWindowMenu commandShortcut
Edit memory as binary, ASCII or UNICODE stringDisassembler, StackBinary|EditCtrl+E
Undo changesDisassembler, DumpUndo selectionAlt+BkSp
Run applicationMainDebug|RunF9
Run to selectionDisassemblerBreakpoint|Run to selectionF4
Execute till returnMainDebug|Execute till returnCtrl+F9
Execute till user codeMainDebug|Execute till user codeAlt+F9
Set/reset INT3 breakpointDisassemblerBreakpoint|ToggleF2
Names, SourceToggle breakpoint
Set/edit conditional INT3 breakpointDisassemblerBreakpoint|ConditionalShift+F2
Names, SourceConditional breakpoint
Set/edit conditional logging breakpoint (logs into the Log window)DisassemblerBreakpoint|Conditional logShift+F4
Names, SourceConditional log breakpoint
Temporarily disable/restore INT3 breakpointBreakpointsDisableSpace
Set memory breakpoint (only one is allowed)Disassembler, DumpBreakpoint|Memory, on access
Breakpoint|Memory, on write
Remove memory breakpointDisassembler, DumpBreakpoint|Remove memory breakpoint
Set hardware breakpoint (ME/NT/2000 only)Disassembler, DumpBreakpoint|Hardware (select type and size!)
Remove hardware breakpointMainDebug|Hardware breakpoints
Set single-short break on access to memory block (NT/2000 only)MemorySet break-on-accessF2 
Set break on module, thread, debug string OptionsEvents
Set new originDisassemblerNew origin here
Display list of all symbolic namesDisassembler, DumpSearch for|Name (label)Ctrl+N
ModulesView names
Context-sensitive help (requires external help file!)Disassembler, NamesHelp on symbolic nameCtrl+F1
Find all references in code to selected address rangeDisassemblerFind references to|CommandCtrl+R
DumpFind references
Find all references in code to the constantDisassemblerFind references to|Constant
Search for|All constants
Search whole allocated memoryMemory SearchCtrl+L
Search next
Go to address or value of expressionDisassemblerGo to|ExpressionCtrl+G
DumpGo to expression
Go to previous address/run trace itemDisassemblerGo to|PreviousMinus
Go to next address/run trace itemDisassemblerGo to|NextPlus
Go to previous procedureDisassemblerGo to|Previous procedureCtrl+Minus
Go to next procedureDisassemblerGo to|Next procedureCtrl+Plus
View executable fileDisassembler, Dump, ModulesView|Executable file
Copy changes to executable fileDisassemblerCopy to executable file
Analyse executable codeDisassemblerAnalysis|Analyse codeCtrl+A
Scan object files and librariesDisassemblerScan object filesCtrl+O
View resourcesModules, MemoryView all resources
View resource strings
Suspend/resume threadThreadsSuspend
Display relative addressesDisassembler, Dump, StackDoubleclick address
CopyMost of windowsCopy to clipboardCtrl+C

Frequently used global shortcuts:

Ctrl+F2Restart program
Alt+F2Close program
F3Open new program
F5Maximize/restore active window
Alt+F5Make OllyDbg topmost
F7Step into (entering functions)
Ctrl+F7Animate into (entering functions)
F8Step over (executing function calls at once)
Ctrl+F8Animate over (executing function calls at once)
Shift+F9Pass exception to standard handler and run
Ctrl+F9Execute till return
Alt+F9Execute till user code
Ctrl+F11Trace into
Ctrl+F12Trace over
Alt+BOpen Breakpoints window
Alt+COpen CPU window
Alt+EOpen Modules window
Alt+LOpen Log window
Alt+MOpen Memory window
Alt+OOpen Options dialog
Ctrl+TSet condition to pause Run trace
Alt+XClose OllyDbg

Frequently used Disasembler shortcuts:

F2Toggle breakpoint
Shift+F2Set conditional breakpoint
F4Run to selection
Alt+F7Go to previous reference
Alt+F8Go to next reference
Ctrl+AAnalyse code
Ctrl+BStart binary search
Ctrl+CCopy selection to clipboard
Ctrl+EEdit selection in binary format
Ctrl+FSearch for a command
Ctrl+GFollow expression
Ctrl+JShow list of jumps to selected line
Ctrl+KView call tree
Ctrl+LRepeat last search
Ctrl+NOpen list of labels (names)
Ctrl+OScan object files
Ctrl+RFind references to selected command
Ctrl+SSearch for a sequence of commands
Asterisk (*)Origin
EnterFollow jump or call
Plus (+)Go to next location/next run trace item
Minus (-)Go to previous location/previous run trace item
Space (  )Assemble
Colon (:)Add label
Semicolon (;)Add comment

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