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Audio & Video - Audio


* A very simple MP3 Player
    ::MCIWndPlay  -  Vfw.h

* Sound recording and encoding in MP3 format.
    - lame_enc.dll , CMP3Simple , CMixer

* Frequency Analyser V2.0 - Have you ever wondered what will make tones sound in tune with each other?
    - Dev-C++ 5 (bloodshed)

Simple Audio Out Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer
    - SetInputDevice


SDI (Sound Device Interface)--A library for Auditory Display

DLL To Decode MP3 To WAV/PCM
    - Project 없음

    - 음정 연습

// WAV
A Recording and Playing Thread Class

How to play and record sounds
    - CSoundIn, CSoundOut

Morse code. Some examples of how to produce sounds.
    - CAlexfAsyncPlay

Low-Level Control of *.wav Data (Part I)

Low-Level Control of *.wav Data (Part II)

Wave Class for Playing and Recording Wave Files
    - CWaveIn, CWaveOut

CWaveBox - WAI wrapper for playing PCM multiwaves, useful in game development
    - CWaveBox. ::waveOutOpen

CWave - A Simple C++ Class to Manipulate WAV Files
    - CWave

Playing .WAV files using the Windows Multi-Media Library
    - Project 없음

Voice Recording/Playing back using simple classes
    - Project 없음

Concatenating Wave Files
    - WAV 파일 합치기

    - Project 없음

// Mixer, Volume

Audio Mixer Functions Demo
    - mixerSetControlDetails

Volume Manipulation Classes
    - Project 없음

Simple Mixer Control Wrapper
    - Project 없음

Creating Microsoft SAPI Compliant Application(s)

Simple Program for Text to Speech Using SAPI (English Version)

Voice Command

The CSpeech Class - give your application a voice with very little effort

Using Text to Voice Interfaces

* Text-to-Speech ostream

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