korg m1 초기화

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korg m1 초기화

korg_m1_preld4, PASS-1.7z

Sysex_transfer_utility-sysex97, PASS-1.7z

12. To reset the patches:

Press the GLOBAL button

Press the number 5 button

Press the PAGE + button once

Display should read MIDI FILTERING

Press the H button

Press the UP button

Lower right display should read EXCL:ENA

Press the PROG button

13.  System Exclusive transfer is now set and the Korg can receive data via the MIDI link from the soundcard (Sysex send from software on PC).  Equally, if you have other Korg sysex files, you can transfer them in the same way as para 12. Once the cabling is disconnected, you should have a restored Korg until the battery goes again. 



08. Plug in and power on the M1. “Init Program” appears in the M1’s display.

09. Set MIDI to “Enable”: GLOBAL, 5, +, UP, D, UP, F, UP, H, UP.

    -> 모두 UP 설정(ENA)

10. Set memory protects to “Off”: GLOBAL, 6, DOWN, +, B, DOWN, +, B, DOWN.

    -> 모두 DOWN 설정(OFF)

11. Sysex transfer original factory sounds from the “Factory” backup file.



How do I Transfer the Restored Factor Sounds from the Computer to the Korg M1 Keyboard?

By Everett Bradman, eHow Contributor

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How do I Transfer the Restored Factor Sounds from the Computer to the Korg M1 Keyboard?thumbnail You can download Korg M1 factory presets to your computer.

The M1, manufactured by Korg between 1988 and 1994, was a widely used digital synthesizer and music workstation renowned for its strings, pads and 8-track sequencer. There is no "re-initialize" setting on the M1, but you can restore the factory patches if you download the patches to your computer and connect your M1 to your computer with a MIDI interface

Read more: How do I Transfer the Restored Factor Sounds from the Computer to the Korg M1 Keyboard? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6829711_do-computer-korg-m1-keyboard_.html#ixzz1mjdVRPE9


Use a MIDI interface, which will help you connect your computer to your instruments. It plugs in to the USB port on your computer. A simple interface with one or two inputs/outputs will do.


Download a program, such as MIDI-Ox, MIDIEX, Dumpster or Bulk Sysex, to facilitate a "System Exclusive" or SysEx Dump. You also can try using an editor/librarian, which will not only dump data to and from the computer to your M1, but will edit and store custom banks of sounds for you.


Download the original sounds for the M1 from a site such as Dr. Evil's Korg M1 page or Tlittle's Korg M1 source page.


Ensure your MIDI cables are correctly connected. Connect one end of the MIDI cable to the "MIDI Out" of your computer interface and the other end to the "MIDI In" of your synthesizer. Use the other cable to connect the "MIDI Out" of your synthesizer to the "MIDI In" of your computer interface.


Turn on your M1. In the M1's "Global Section," set the MIDI channel to 1, set the "Memory protects" to "Off" and set the "MIDI filtering excl" to "ENA" (enable). Ensure you are in "100/100" mode.


Open MIDI-Ox or whichever SysEx or editor/librarian you'll be using. Ensure your M1's "Global Channel Number" matches on both the M1 and MIDI-Ox.


From the software librarian's "File" menu, look for "Open..." or "Open Other..." or "Open Any..." to open an existing SysEx sound bank file. Click a "Send" or "Transmit" button to send the sound bank through your MIDI interface into the M1.


Turn off the M1 when all data has been transmitted. Switch it back on again to check that the first program sound is "I00: Universe."

Read more: How do I Transfer the Restored Factor Sounds from the Computer to the Korg M1 Keyboard? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6829711_do-computer-korg-m1-keyboard_.html#ixzz1mjdOUWDS


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